Hair Towels – Reusable and Disposable. What Do Our Hair Tolerate Best?

We have no tolerance for cosmetics that don’t work well for hair care and even damage it. We pay attention to what we wash our hair with, but we often overlook how we dry it and whether we’re doing it correctly. Hair towels are essential accessories both in a home bathroom and a hair salon. At home, we typically use cotton towels, while hairdressers often opt for disposable hair towels made of nonwoven fabric or cellulose (like this towel – DHB 70×40 Bio-Eco). Which option would be best for our hair?

Hair Towels – Fabric or Knit?

There’s no such thing as a universal material, so we shouldn’t always use the same criteria when buying different products. Fabric differs from knit in its production process. Fabric is made from two threads, woven horizontally and vertically, while knit is made from a single thread. Taking a closer look at knit, we’ll notice a pattern of loops. Fabric is used for bedding, dresses, and reusable hair towels, while knit is used for T-shirts and sportswear; it’s more elastic and pliable. Fabric is a more durable material and more resistant to damage.

Hair Towels from Fabric, but Which Type?

Due to the properties of fabric, it’s commonly used for making hairdressing towels. However, we can distinguish several types of fabric, most of which are well known, but their properties may not be as widely known. Hair towels are made, among others, from terry cloth. However, it’s not a material known for good breathability or effective air circulation, which is crucial for our hair. Left on the hair, it doesn’t allow the cuticles to close. Nevertheless, it appears in hair salons as an additional towel. We can use it to dry hair or to protect the client’s clothing after washing. However, we should never wrap hair in it.

One of the more modern solutions is waffle hair towels. The fabric they’re made of features alternating depressions and protrusions. Its significant advantage is excellent absorbency. At the same time, waffle towels ensure good air circulation, so they will be favored by our hair.

Hair Towels - Reusable and Disposable

Microfiber hair towels are also available on the market. They offer an alternative to natural fibers. We appreciate them for their relatively good absorbency and gentleness during hair drying due to their small thickness. However, their durability is a problem; it’s estimated that microfiber retains its properties for about 3 months.

Disposable Hair Salon Towels

Exceptional hygiene is a priority in hair salons. Many tools and accessories are disposable, and those that are used multiple times must be disinfected. Hair towels should never be used on different clients. They cannot come into contact with the hair and scalp of sequentially serviced clients. Hence, disposable hair salon towels were created. DHB towels are made of cellulose or nonwoven fabric. They feature a multilayer structure but are thin and durable. They have excellent absorbency and ensure adequate air circulation. You can opt for disposable hair towels in rolls or individually folded.

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