The benefits of disposable cellulose hairdressing towels

cellulose towels

We distinguish between reusable and disposable hairdressing towels. Those designated for single-use may be made, among other materials, from cellulose. This is a natural material known for its softness, translating into a pleasant touch. Additionally, it’s friendly to delicate human skin. Disposable towels should be a staple in every hairdressing salon. However, the type you choose matters.

Cellulose – environmentally and skin-friendly

Cellulose is an organic polymer, the main structural component of cell walls in green plants. It’s found abundantly in materials like cotton and wood. It’s widely used in paper and cardboard production and serves as a filler in pharmaceuticals. Cellulose is naturally occurring and environmentally friendly. It’s white, tasteless, odorless, and insoluble in water. Moreover, it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions upon contact. Hence, cellulose towels are highly sought after and have versatile applications.

Good cellulose towels should be made entirely of cellulose. This ensures they’re free from any artificial additives that might negatively affect their properties. Check if the cellulose is certified and sourced responsibly, as this matters for environmental conservation. A prime example of such a towel is the flagship product of the DHB Towels brand.

Disposable cellulose towels for exceptional hygiene

Hairdressing salons must adhere to strict hygiene standards due to the risk of skin diseases and bacterial contamination. Equipment and accessories used repeatedly must be disinfected after each use. They shouldn’t be used on multiple clients without prior cleaning. This applies to hairdressing towels as well. If you opt for reusable towels, use a new one for each client, then wash it. After use, disposable cellulose towels are disposed of in waste bins. They are hygienic and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Cellulose towels are relatively inexpensive, require no disinfection or washing, and are characterized by high durability and absorbency. Pay attention to their weight and the number of layers. Multilayer cellulose towels are the best as they are more resistant to tearing.

Versatile uses of cellulose towels

Cellulose towels are commonly used not only in hairdressing salons but also in beauty clinics and households. They are excellent for cleaning, removing dirt, and dust from various surfaces. Cellulose towels are safe even for very delicate materials. They work well for cleaning glass, plastic, wood, stone, or metal. They can be used dry or dampened with water, or with the addition of a cleaning agent for tougher stains. They are non-dusty, leaving no white marks on surfaces.

In hairdressing salons, cellulose towels are also used for drying clients’ hair, serving as an alternative to reusable fabric towels. This eliminates the need for frequent washing and saves space in the salon. Reusable towels wear out, especially when washed at high temperatures to eliminate bacteria, requiring regular replacement. Cellulose towels come in two versions – on a roll or individually folded. In both cases, they offer the same properties, versatility, ecological, and economic benefits.

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