All of our products are 100% biodegradable and environment friendly, as in today’s world it is extremely important to take care of the environment in every way we can.

Our offer is aimed at hairdressing and barber salons, as well as anyone who values their time and money. Equipping your salons with disposable hairdressing towels will make your work much easier and quicker, as you don’t have to waste time on washing regular towels and they absorb more water as well. All of this saves you money, on the energy and water needed for washing and sterilization, and time.

Regular cotton towels lose their qualities with each washing, making them not only less absorbent, but devoid of their original color and more coarse to the touch. Not only that, if such a towel gets stained with hair dyes it is extremely hard to get rid of it. Lots of hairdressing salons do not buy enough of cotton towels, as a cost saving measure, to frequently change them lowering the salons image in the eyes of the customers.

Everyone who visits a professional hairstylist or barber expects professional treatment. Usage of disposable hairdressing towels makes you gain in the eyes of your customers, as you come across as caring for hygiene and their well being and providing services of the highest quality. Great service is one of the best form of marketing.

Each of our clients experiences such service from us, including quick and useful response to any and all questions they might have. Wide range of products in our offer, with each product having detailed and useful descriptions, allows our customers to make the best possible choice.