Disposable cellulose towels – practical and environmentally friendly

We distinguish between reusable and disposable hairdressing towels. Designed for single use, they can be made of cellulose, among other materials. This is a material of natural origin, characterized by softness, which translates into pleasure to the touch. In addition, it is friendly to delicate human skin. Disposable towels should be part of the equipment of every hair salon. However, it is important which type you decide on.

Cellulose “naturally” friendly to the environment and human skin

Cellulose is an organic polymer, the main structural component of the cell walls of green plants. It can be found in significant quantities in cotton and wood, among others. It is used on a large scale in the production of paper and cardboard. It is also a filler in drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Cellulose is therefore a naturally occurring substance in the environment. It is white in color, has no taste or odor and does not dissolve in water. In addition, in contact with human skin, it does not irritate it and does not cause allergic reactions. For this reason, cellulose towels are in such high demand and have a very versatile application. Good cellulose towels should be made of 100% cellulose. Then we are sure that they are free from possible artificial additives that negatively affect their properties. We check that the cellulose is certified and from responsible sources. This is important for environmental protection. An example of such a towel is a top product from DHB Towels.

Disposable cellulose towels for above-average hygiene

In a hair salon, it is necessary to comply with all hygiene rules. This has to do with the risk of transmission of skin diseases and contact with bacteria. Reusable hairdressing equipment and accessories must be disinfected after each use. They should not be used with several clients without prior cleaning. This also applies to hairdressing towels. If you use reusable towels, use a new towel with each client, which should then be washed. Disposable cellulose towels go into waste bins after use. So they are hygienic and prevent the spread of possible bacteria. Cellulose towels are relatively inexpensive, do not need to be disinfected and washed, and are durable and highly absorbent. Pay attention to their grammage and number of layers. Multilayer cellulose towels are best, they are more resistant to tearing.

Multi-purpose cellulose towels

Cellulose towels are widely known and used not only in hair salons, but also in beauty salons and households. They are great for cleaning, which allows you to remove all dirt and dust from various surfaces. Cellulose towels are safe for even very delicate materials. They are great for cleaning glass, plastic, wood, stone or metal. We can use them dry for cleaning, or wet them with water, or add a cleaning agent for dirt that is more difficult to remove. They are dust-free, so they do not leave white marks on surfaces. Cellulose towels in the hair salon are also used to dry clients’ hair, and are an alternative to reusable cloth towels. This avoids the need to wash them frequently and saves space in the salon. Reusable towels get damaged, especially if you wash them at high temperatures to get rid of any bacteria. So they require regular replacement. Cellulose towels come in two versions – in a roll and individually folded. In both cases we are dealing with the same properties, versatile use, ecological and economic aspects.

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