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Disposable cellulose towels – practical and environmentally friendly

We distinguish between reusable and disposable hairdressing towels. Designed for single use, they can be made of cellulose, among other materials. This is a material of natural origin, characterized by softness, which translates into pleasure to the touch. In addition, it is friendly to delicate human skin. Disposable towels should be part of the equipment […]

The role of disposable hairdressing towels in the hairdressing industry

In the ever-evolving world of hairdressing, professionals constantly seek innovative solutions to improve efficiency, hygiene, and client satisfaction. One such solution that’s been gaining popularity is the use of disposable hairdressing towels. These convenient, single-use towels offer numerous benefits to both hairstylists and clients, revolutionizing the way salons operate. In this blog post, we will […]

Which paper towels for a hairdressing salon?

Paper towels for hair salon

Paper towels are products that have versatile applications and work well in many industries. One of them is hairdressing, which also requires the use of high-quality cleaners. Paper towels are indispensable for drying wet surfaces and cleaning any stains. In addition, they can be used for wiping hands or drying wet hair. From the following […]

Hair towels – reusable or disposable, which are best for your hair?

We have no tolerance for cosmetic products that provide subpar care, or even worse yet, are harmful for your hair. We pay a lot of attention to what we wash our hair with, but hardly ever how and with what we dry them. Towels are basic equipment at home bathrooms and professional hairdressing salons alike. […]

Disposable hairdressing accessories – why are they necessary?

Disposable products are essential for any modern hairdressing salon, especially in today’s world with the coronavirus pandemic running rampart. They’re a guarantee of safety and hygiene, which in turn makes your client feel comfortable. Being one time use only, usage of disposable products makes each procedure sterile, which is needed to provide high quality services. […]

Why is it worth to use disposable hairdressing towels?

Why is it worth to use disposable hairdressing towels?

Main selling point of any good disposable product is being environment friendly, as any such product should be biodegradable. Being biodegradable isn’t the only thing about disposable hairdressing towels that helps you stay environment conscious. Not having to wash them saves you money, and time, on washing and drying supplies and equipment, as well as […]