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Disposable products for tattoo studios

Disposable products are essential elements in tattoo studios, supporting hygiene, safety, comfort, and work efficiency. By using them, tattoo artists can provide their clients with the highest standard of service, minimizing the risk of infections and ensuring a clean and professional work environment. The use of disposable towels and sheets speeds up the preparation of […]

Disposable products for physiotherapy clinics

Disposable towels and sheets are widely used in physiotherapy clinics and other healthcare and rehabilitation facilities. Disposable towels and sheets are easy to prepare and dispose of. You simply take them out of the packaging and discard them after use. Disposable sheets protect massage tables, ensuring hygienic conditions during direct contact with the patient’s body. […]

Disposable products for Barber shops

The use of disposable towels in barber shops is becoming increasingly popular due to numerous advantages related to hygiene, convenience, and efficiency. Disposable towels eliminate the risk of transferring bacteria, viruses, and fungi between clients. In barbershops, where close contact with the skin is unavoidable, this is particularly important. Each towel is new and unused, […]

The benefits of disposable cellulose hairdressing towels

cellulose towels

We distinguish between reusable and disposable hairdressing towels. Those designated for single-use may be made, among other materials, from cellulose. This is a natural material known for its softness, translating into a pleasant touch. Additionally, it’s friendly to delicate human skin. Disposable towels should be a staple in every hairdressing salon. However, the type you […]

DHB Towels – Disposable Nonwoven and Paper Towels

nonwoven towels

In today’s world, more and more people are opting to use disposable nonwoven and paper towels. Such towels are not only environmentally friendly but also more hygienic and convenient to use. Below, we will discuss their features, advantages, and usage, providing necessary information. What are disposable nonwoven towels? Disposable nonwoven towels are products made from […]

What Paper Towels Are Best for a Hair Salon?

Paper towels

Paper towels are versatile products that are useful in many industries. One of them is hairdressing, which also requires the use of high-quality wipes. Paper towels are essential for drying wet surfaces or removing various types of dirt. Additionally, they can be used for hand drying or drying wet hair. Below you will learn about […]

Disposable cellulose towels – practical and environmentally friendly

We distinguish between reusable and disposable hairdressing towels. Designed for single use, they can be made of cellulose, among other materials. This is a material of natural origin, characterized by softness, which translates into pleasure to the touch. In addition, it is friendly to delicate human skin. Disposable towels should be part of the equipment […]

The role of disposable hairdressing towels in the hairdressing industry

In the ever-evolving world of hairdressing, professionals constantly seek innovative solutions to improve efficiency, hygiene, and client satisfaction. One such solution that’s been gaining popularity is the use of disposable hairdressing towels. These convenient, single-use towels offer numerous benefits to both hairstylists and clients, revolutionizing the way salons operate. In this blog post, we will […]