Disposable hairdressing accessories – why are they necessary?

Disposable products are essential for any modern hairdressing salon, especially in today’s world with the coronavirus pandemic running rampart. They’re a guarantee of safety and hygiene, which in turn makes your client feel comfortable. Being one time use only, usage of disposable products makes each procedure sterile, which is needed to provide high quality services. We recommend choosing high quality disposable products, that are not only functional but also economical. We have prepared an assortment of high quality disposable hairdressing products for you to choose from!

Disposable gloves

The most popular disposable gloves are made from latex, vinyl and nitrile. Disposable gloves are necessary when working with all kinds of chemical solutions and products. They provide great protection of your delicate hands. Before purchasing disposable gloves you should pay attention to the symbols printed on the boxes. The symbols to lookout for are “CE” and “EN 445”, so be sure to pick up gloves that have these. One of the things that is often overlooked when buying disposable gloves is choosing the right size. Gloves that are too big or too small fail to perform their primary function – protection, not to mention they’re going to be extremely uncomfortable.

Disposable hairdressing towels

While the beautiful embossed towels are definitely more appealing in terms of looks, nothing beats disposable towels in terms of hygiene and value, especially now during the pandemic. You’ll save time and money of washing, drying and ironing regular towels, and as we mentioned above they are much more hygienic, as each customer gets their “set” of fresh towels only for them. Be sure to choose the reputable brands when shopping, as low quality disposable towels will not be as absorbent and will tear more easily.

Disposable hairdressing capes

Because of the pandemic hair salons had to retire their elegant and personalized capes in favor of disposable capes. However, these disposable capes beat the old cloth capes in terms of value and hygiene. You save money and increase your clientele’s satisfaction by switching to disposable capes.

Disposable hair towel

Foil for hair coloring

High quality foil is necessary for everyday operation of any hairdressing salon. Proper foiling requires foil of sufficient thickness and durability. Good quality foil makes the coloring procedure quicker and easier, so be sure to invest in things that will make your life, and your clients’ lives, easier.

Face masks

An absolute must with the coronavirus running rampart. Face masks should be present at any hairdressing and beauty salon. Proper, high quality face masks provide great protection for your and your clients.

Disposable hairdressing accessories – which to choose?

With each day the competition in the hairdressing market grows stronger, with new salons opening left and right, which gives people a plethora of places to choose from. Which means you have to build your reputation by providing high quality services and using high quality products, so you can stand out and attract clients. Choosing to use high quality disposable products in your salon is one way of achieving this. Caring about the hygiene and well being of your clients goes along way of building your image as a professional in the hairdressing world. Investing in high quality disposable products makes all the procedures quicker and safer. All these little things makes you gain in the eyes of your clientel.

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