Why is it worth to use disposable hairdressing towels?

Why is it worth to use disposable hairdressing towels?

Main selling point of any good disposable product is being environment friendly, as any such product should be biodegradable. Being biodegradable isn’t the only thing about disposable hairdressing towels that helps you stay environment conscious. Not having to wash them saves you money, and time, on washing and drying supplies and equipment, as well as reducing electricity used by your establishment.

Additionally, usage of disposable hairdressing towels makes you gain in the eyes of your customers, as you come across as caring for hygiene and their well being and providing services of the highest quality. Detergents used for cleaning regular cotton and cloth towels can cause allergic reactions in some of your clients, so switching to disposable towels instead is a surefire way of preventing that from happening.

Great service is one of the best form of marketing. High absorption of disposable hairdressing towels reduces time needed for any procedure, which further enhances customer experience.

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