Hair towels – reusable or disposable, which are best for your hair?

We have no tolerance for cosmetic products that provide subpar care, or even worse yet, are harmful for your hair. We pay a lot of attention to what we wash our hair with, but hardly ever how and with what we dry them. Towels are basic equipment at home bathrooms and professional hairdressing salons alike. At home we usually use regular cloth towels, meanwhile professional hairdressers opt in to use disposable cellulose or non-woven towels instead. Which option is the right one?

Fabric or knitwear… it does matter!

There is no universal material, that’s why you should change your criteria depending on what you’re shopping for. Fabric and knitwear differs in the process of production. Fabric is created by weaving two threads horizontally and vertically, knitwear meanwhile is created with just a single thread. Thanks to that fabric is more durable and the chosen material for regular towels.

Fabric towels…but what kind of fabric?

Because of the aforementioned qualities of fabric this material is used for production of hairdressing towels. We can highlight a couple of the more popular fabric types used in towel production. First of all – terry. While widely used it prevents air circulation which is very important for your hair, which is why it should not be used for wrapping hair.

One of the newer types of towels are waffle towels. The weaving process create a lot of layers with indentations making these towels much better in terms of air circulation.

Finally, microfiber – the alternative for natural fabrics. High absorbency and how delicate the material is makes it a great choice for hair towels. However, they’re not very durable – microfibers keep their qualities for only about 3 months.

Disposable hairdressing towels

One of the most important things at any proper hairdressing salon is hygiene. A lot of the equipment and accessories are already one time use and any reusable equipment has to be sterilized after each use – including fabric towels. This is the main reason a lot of professionals are switching to disposable hairdressing towels. They’re made from cellulose and non-woven fabrics and are characterized their multi layer construction, making them durable and thin. Great absorbency and air circulation makes the material a perfect choice or hairdressing towels.

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