Hair towels – reusable and disposable. What does our hair tolerate best?

We have no tolerance for cosmetics that do not do a good job of caring for our hair, or even damage it. We pay attention to what we wash our hair with, but much less often do we consider how we dry it and whether we do it properly. Hair towels are essential accessories for both at home and hair salon use. At home we usually use cotton towels, while hairdressers frequently opt for disposable non-woven or cellulose hair towels. Which option would our hair choose?

Hair towels made of fabric … but what kind?

Due to the properties of fabric, it is fabric that has found its application in the production of hairdressing towels. However, we can distinguish several types of it, most of which are well known by name, but their properties are unknown to most people. Hair towels are made from terry cloth, among others. However, this is not a material characterized by good breathability, allowing effective air circulation, which is very important for our hair. If left on the hair, it does not allow the scales to close. However, it appears in hair salons as an additional towel. We can use it to dry the hair, as well as to protect the client’s clothes after the washing process. However, we never wrap the hair with it.

One of the more modern solutions are waffle-type hair towels. The fabric from which they are made is characterized by alternating concave and convex. Its big advantage is excellent absorbency. At the same time, waffle-type towels provide good air circulation, so they will like our hair.

Microfiber hair towels are still available on the market as an alternative to natural fibers. We appreciate them for their relatively good absorbency and softness when drying our hair due to their small thickness. However, the problem is their durability, it is estimated that microfibers retain their properties for 3 months.

Disposable hairdressing towels

In hair salons, proper hygiene is of utmost importance. Much equipment and accessories are disposable, and those we use several times must be disinfected. Hair towels must also never be used with several different clients. They must not come into contact with the hair and scalp of consecutive clients. This is why disposable hairdressing towels were developed. They are made of cellulose or non-woven fabric. They are characterized by multilayer construction, but at the same time are very thin and durable. They have very good absorbency and provide adequate air circulation. You can opt for disposable hair towels in a roll or folded individually.

Hair likes to be treated well. They return the favor with a beautiful and healthy appearance. The basis of their care is washing. Mistakes made already at this stage weaken their structure, as well as the action and effectiveness of care products. So treat them with respect.

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